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When to Replaced Vs Repaired your Forklift Battery ?
How Long do a forklift Battery Last ?
Batteries Do Not last forever, a new standard lead Acid battery is good for about 1,500 to 1,800 charging cycles, for a single shift application this works out to be about         (5) Five to (7) Seven years lifespan. (if its properly watered, charge, equalize & equipped with the right size charger) 

A maintained fully charged battery will provide about (6) Six-Hours of running time, equal to an (8) Eight- hours single shift including lunch and breaks 

Signs that your battery may need to be replaced 
If you have to charge it during the day to get you through the shift 
if it has 3 or more defected or worn out cells 
If it's (5) Five years old or older
If It has a rotten Egg Smell
If it smokes while in use or charging
Spilled Acid / Corrosion 

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